Craig J. Reese, Doctor of Audiology, Au.D.,FAAA

Dr. Reese

Dr. Reese is the third generation of his family that has devoted a career to the hearing healthcare field. He has learned that helping people with hearing impairment is very personalized because everyone's loss and needs are different. What you will find at Reese Audiology is an individualized approach to your needs performed by a well-trained audiologist, not a "licensed hearing aid specialist".

You see, years ago hearing aids were nothing more than simple analog amplifiers and very little knowledge was needed to fit them. Today, digital hearing instruments are the norm and their sophisticated technology requires extensive knowledge of the auditory system found by current Doctors of Audiology. Fact is, current Ohio Hearing aid Dealers/ Licensed hearing instrument Specialists are required to have no formal University training or degree. A high school diploma is the only degree required. A Doctor of Audiology has a University degree requiring nearly eight years to complete. 

Dr. Reese performs an extensive Audiological evaluation to determine your hearing loss and the best course of treatment. If hearing aids are needed he uses his knowledge of the auditory system and the most up to date equipment to tune the instruments so the patient has the correct fitting. He services all hearing aids for life at no additional charge. 

Other offices may have an Audiologist on staff but you likely will never see him or her. More than likely you will see their Hearing aid Dealer because the Audiologist has to go around to multiple offices in multiple counties. At Reese Audiology we have one location with one goal. Provide the best hearing healthcare possible. Dr. Reese has successfully helped thousands of patients here in Stark County. There are many causes of hearing problems with varying solutions so don't take a chance, receive professional care. 

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